How to Decorate a Bedroom with no Money

You can easily decorate your bedroom as you like if you have money but what will you say if I say that you have to decorate your bedroom but without spending money and you are surprised how it is possible. I will tell you how to decorate a bedroom with no money because for decorating anything you don’t need money.

You only need a mind full of creative ideas and thoughts. You have to rearrange something or make use of some old things. Many people have large bedrooms with many accessories but their room doesn’t look as beautiful as it should be.

The reason is that because they don’t know how to put all these in a proper manner or which furniture or thing should be placed where.

How to Decorate a Bedroom with no Money:

The bedroom is a room which is not visited mostly by our guests but it should be decorated well as it gives a good sleep or rest to your mind or body.  If you have a good bedroom it also makes your mind fresh. You can see children playing for long in their bedrooms.


  • The first important part before decorating your room is cleaning it. Decorating does not work much if the room is not cleaned.
  • By cleaning your room it becomes much easy for you to decorate it as everything is clear.
  • How to decorate a bedroom with no money, cleaning is the best solution as it does not need money.

Mirror Decoration

Mirror Decoration


  • If you have a table around your bed you can use it for putting accessories.
  • You can put the clock, water if you feel thirsty at night, a vase of the flower made at home.
  • These things will make your room comfortable and big.
  • It is the best decorating idea of how to decorate a bedroom with no money.


  • Everybody has saved his old-time photos or of the special occasion now it’s time to take them out.
  • Using a string or wire hang these photos on string with the help of clips.
  • This idea does not need any money it only needs photos.

Your collections

  • Some people have a hobby of collecting things.
  • This hobby can help you here.
  • Put or display your all collections in your room. These can be various shaped bottles, old coins or stickers.


  • There are various candles available of different shapes, colors, and sizes.
  • Place a few candles of different heights in such a way that it will give an amazing look to your room.

Taking help of nature

Above we told how that if you don’t have money. You can still decorate your bedroom with some simple things and these ideas.


It is not necessary that every time you need money. You can be decorative and make your room too by using some simple design ideas for the bedroom.

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