11 Things You Need to Keep Your Bedroom Healthier

11 Things You Need to Keep Your Bedroom Healthier

11 Things You Need to Keep Your Bedroom Healthier – Your bedroom is one room you spend the most time in at home. You spend about one-third of your lifetime in bed. That’s a lot of time spent in your bedroom!

It’s important to make sure this place is as healthy as possible so that you get high-quality rest and better health overall.

11 Things You Need to Keep Your Bedroom Healthier:

  • De-clutter and Thorough Clean

A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Clutter is bad for your sleep cycle. By decluttering and organizing your bedroom you can lift an emotional weight from your life and reduce stress. If you haven’t used something in over a year, get rid of it. 

Wipe down all the surfaces of your bedroom and thoroughly clean all the hard to reach places. A clean, clutter-free bedroom will promote relaxation and better sleep.

  • Copper-Infused Bed Sheets

Each night your body shed millions of skin cells that rub off and deposit on your bed-sheets. Your bodies also secrete oils and fluids during a long night’s sleep which are the perfect recipe to attract dust mites. Here is where a copper bed sheet comes in. Copper-infused sheets are anti-microbial in nature.

Copper-Infused Bed SheetsThese sheets give you complete protection from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and superbugs like MRSA. A copper bed sheet also promotes airflow through the night and controls moisture content, reducing the amount of sweat generated when you sleep. They naturally nurture soft and healthy skin by supporting the development of new blood-vessels from existing vessels and rejuvenate the skin by supporting the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Switching to copper sheets will also reduce your chances of getting bed sores and destroy odor-causing bacteria on your bed.

  • Quality Mattress

Getting the right mattress is very crucial to your sleep quality. The right mattress can get you to stop tossing and turning and sleeping like a baby in no time. If you’re finding yourself waking up to readjust your mattress multiple times in the night, it’s time you find a new one.

  • Supportive Pillow

Using the wrong pillow is probably what’s causing you all that discomfort when you’re sleeping. Evaluate your pillow, maybe you need a flatter one to support your neck or a plump one based on your needs.

  • Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact on the look and feel of a place as well as your mood and well-being. Make sure you get enough natural light in your bedroom during the day, but cut down on bright artificial lights during nighttime as they interfere with your circadian rhythms. Switch from bright overhead lighting to the softer glow of a lamp at least one hour before bedtime. 

  • Wall Paint

What color are your bedroom walls? If you have bright reds or purple up on your walls consider changing them up for soothing colors like greens, greys, and blues.

Wall Paint

  • Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add life to spaces, improve the air quality, and boost your mood as well as reduce heart rate. Keep a couple easy to care for indoor plants in your bedroom to elevate the space. 

  • Artwork

Artwork in the bedroom is more than just decoration. Passive consumption of art can significantly better your mood and improve overall health by reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Avoid Screens

Make your bedroom a no electronics zone. This includes tablets, smartphones, laptops, and television. All of these emit a blue light. This light can interrupt your sleep cycle at night. Keep these light-emitting objects out of your bedroom for a good shuteye.

  • Open Windows

Opening windows can help you sleep better. Ventilation in the room reduces carbon dioxide levels and helps you sleep more soundly. 

  • Music or White Noise

Try sleeping with some soothing music or white noise playing in the background. This establishes a bedtime ritual, buffers outside disturbing sounds and quiets a busy mind. 

There you have it, these were some tips to keep your bedroom healthier. We hope you try them and see the difference they make to your sleep health.

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