Simple Interior Design for Small House Living Room 2021

Simple Interior Design for Small House Living Room

Living rooms are the most seen and visited room by our visitors. These rooms should have so much space that you don’t need to feel embarrassed in front of your guests. If you have a small house or small living room then it is somewhere difficult for you to make it big but if know these simple interior design for small house living room then no one can stop you from converting these congested small rooms.

You can simply use all these ideas without going to the bank. You just only need to do is to read all these ideas and use them according to your living room. These design ideas are the best examples that show how to style or transform anything simply.

Decorating a room and if it is small was such a great challenge in itself but after reading this article you definitely win this challenge. While designing small room into a room with more space and beauty needs a lot of things to remember. These all-important things you are going to know here.

Simple Interior Design for Small House Living Room

Leave space

  • It is the most important point because by putting this point in mind you have to design your room.
  • Remember that you have to arrange all things in your room in such a way that there should some space be left in the room for walking or sitting.
  • This idea also prevents your room from looking congested.

Be white

  • If possible paint your room walls and floor in white color as the white color will make room to look bigger.
  • White is a light color so it is also not bad for your eyes as bright colors are.
  • This is the best and simple interior design for small house living room as white also denotes simplicity.


  • If possible you can add shelves on the wall or on tables which will help you to store more things using less space.
  • It will not only make your room more spacious but also helps you find anything easily.
  • Storage also plays a vital role in simple interior design for small house living room.


  • The idea of hanging or placing mirrors is specially made for living rooms that are of small size.
  • Hanging these mirrors is a trick that will confuse people that your room is big enough.
  • You can also place them where you want to place windows.

Curtains to height

  • Try to hang curtains a few above your floor.
  • This will look make your room look a little big in height.

Make ceilings look long

  • Nothing happens if your room does not have high ceilings you can trick people and your eyes to look at it.
  • Use cushions or low sofas for sitting so that you feel your ceilings higher because you are sitting at a low height.

Appropriate size rug

  • Rug not only helps you in sitting but also makes your room look smaller or bigger.
  • Your rug should be of the appropriate size.
  • It should be not much smaller otherwise your room looks small also.

These are some simple designs or ideas which best suits small living rooms and it makes them look big and with more space.


Small living rooms also have sufficient space for your accessories the only thing you need is to design them properly with some simple design ideas.

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